Monday, May 4, 2009

April Fun

We had a really busy month. Between camping, Mexico, and all the racing the Pincock boys do we were gone a lot. But we have had a really good time.

Dylan's First Motocross of the Year

Dylan is my serious racer. It was the first motocross of the year this past weekend. It was raining so hard, we were up to our knees in mud. He did so good he was in first the whole race and then he had his last turn to the finish and crashed and broke his throttle cable so he had to DNF. Sorry honey you will get them the next time. Trevor had a blast in the mud and rain.

Montana Race

So we got home from Mexico and 3 days later Cory and the boys left for Montana for a race. They had a few scraps and a few good crashes with the bikes. A lot of money spent and a lot more to be spent looking at them and the way the bikes came back, but all in all they had a good time. Also Cory did so well he took 1st over all. Congratulations Honey. We are proud of you.
It was a really clean race. Nice job Jim.

Rich Black


If any of you know Cory very well, this is a rare sighting. Only because he is like a 3 year old child. I think he lasted in this chair all of maybe 3 minutes and I am not exaggerating. He was just working on his tan. Funny.
We always have a great time going on vacation with Chad and Mandee, this trip was no different. We had so much fun, one day we rented scooters and a dune buggy. Which was really funny because if any of you know Chad and Mandee it was really out of their comfort zone. I think we laughed so hard we were all crying. Then we decided to take them over the edge of their comfort zone because we decided to go repelling and on a zip line, which by the way was way fun. We also had a lot of laughs making fun of Cory and his really, really white skin. Ha, Ha.

Annual Easter Camping Trip to 10 Mile

We went on our annual camping trip with all of our friends. We have a really good time we camp for 5 days and the boys ride until sun up to sun down on their bikes. We always camp by the big sand hill so that we can have our big easter egg hunt. Cory's sister Angie and her two boys came and stayed with us for a couple of weeks and we loved having them with us.

Pinewood Derby

The boys did really well at the race. Dad and the boys had a lot of fun building the cars together. They were very proud of their cars.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Grand Opening

So most of you know that Cory and Chad opened Comfort Solutions almost 8 years ago. It has been really fun to watch them build this great business that we have. We just had our Grand Opening of our new building last Friday. They both have worked so hard for what they have accomplished. We love you dad and we are very proud of you and all that you do for our family.